Igiego is a Finnish digital marketing company which will aim to change the targeted advertising as we currently know it. Our core service is new to the market and our pricing is disruptive & risk-free to our clients.

We will launch our solution in Q1 2018 which will reach the desired end-user directly. Our fee will be entirely conversion-based, meaning our clients only pay when goods exchange owners. Compared to traditional mainstream advertising channels, our clients will pay on average 100x less than now.

Igiego in 7 slides.

What are the benefits then?

For our clients:

  • Fully customizable, fine-tunable, end-user reaching advertising channel.
  • Ca. 100 times cheaper than current traditional, mainstream advertising channels.
  • Works in real-time, possible to trigger ads based on any imaginable factors, such as weather, customer density / area, special days, etc.
  • Works also as a conversion metric and a sales tool for your products.
  • Integratable to e-commerce solutions.
  • Due to savings generated from traditional channels, you can re-invest money directly into your pricing strategy, making lower prices and increased profit margins possible.

For our app users:

  • Fully anonymous, not integrated with Facebook or Google, or any other identifiable profile.
  • Offers a unique, fully personalized channel to explore the world around you – based on Google Maps.
  • Significant benefits (30+ % discounts)
  • Redeeming benefits made easy:
    Click inside the app, redeem discount online/offline.
  • Possible to redeem directly on e-coms.
  • No more spam.
  • Easier to make shopping decisions, when ads are for you personally and with discounts.